I Build 
Complex Websites

Reliable software, so you can focus on your business.

Who I am

Hi, I'm Florian. Born and raised in Germany. I got my bachelors here, and now I'm freelancing remotely even to the other side of the world - until recently I was with a client in San Fransisco for one and a half years. At this point I speak more English and German, to be honest.

I'm currently working on projects with challenging problems, but have yet to make any of those into their own company. If you're looking for a CTO, hit me up! I'd be interested to partner up with someone, and maybe we can make something happen together!

In my free time, I like to I spend my whole time building things. Well, building and learning and reading. But mostly building.

What I do

Full Stack Software Engineering

As both my career and hobby, I build full stack applications of various complexity. For the past decade, I've built anything from online shops and business administrative software to a smart home system and my own social network platform.


I'm a freelancer. I do work on a project basis. If you need anything full stack built, feel free to contact me!

I can also be found on Toptal and Upwork.


Check out my blog if you're interested in my writings. I mainly write for myself though, so your return on time spent on my blog may vary.

Contact Me

If you need a project developed or a company's technical side run, please get in touch with me! I usually respond in less than a day.